Thursday, July 18, 2013

Social Business what to expect in the future


 Bernardo Javalquinto | Edition Date: 03-10-2012

The prof. Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize, has a new vision for solving global problems we are seeing in the world. Social businesses are driven by a cause. Investors or owners can slowly be recovering the money invested, may make the dividend at a point that is morally ethical. That point is hard to understand even in Chile, but there are countries that are doing. As you learn in business schools Chilean maximizing profits with minimal investment and as cost reduction is essential.
Social businesses go far beyond just accumulating personal wealth. Social businesses are a step closer "Human" to achieve one or more social objectives through the operation of the company, rather than just personal gain or desired by investors. The business must cover all costs and make profit, at the same time, thus achieving the social objective. Objectives such as: fair wages for increased productivity.
The social business success is measured by the impact of the activity and quality of life in people, rather than the amount of money accumulated. Clarifications on social business. This new concept of course includes obtaining benefits under the condition that the benefit is maintained in the company, owners, investors or shareholders gain personal profit just equal to the investment. Bring a new dimension to the world of business, and a new sense of social awareness among the business community. If some of these goals can be achieved in a more efficient and sustainable business format (social), then why not go that route? Why give up the profits? It is illogical, and takes everyone by surprise and boy is perfectly understandable surprise. Let's clarify this: first of all you are not asking people to give up their business.
The idea of ​​"giving up something" creates a tremendous shock.'s Paradigm Yunus, about creating social enterprises, not asking anyone to "give up" anything. All we are saying is that if you are concerned about a social problem (while totally dedicated to his business routine business), you can make a significant contribution to solve the problem that involves all of us. could open the door to remove a problem worldwide. You choose. Reinvest your money in his own company and make it grow, benefits everyone within the same company, from the janitor, the owner, entrepreneur, customers, the community, the region, the country and even around the globe. then you really will have made a contribution to humanize the economy that long ago lost its way by the greed of people. PRIMUM is the slogan HUMAN, HUMAN BEING THIS FIRST.

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