Thursday, September 5, 2013

Social Business: Odyssey of the Third Millennium

Social Business: Odyssey of the Third Millennium

Can social objectives be achieved more efficiently and effectively by adopting a social business format that is sustainable?
The vision of Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner, is that many global problems we face today can be solved through the creation of Social Business. This is a form of business that is mainly driven by a cause, rather than by traditional business school objectives such as profit maximization with minimal investment and cost reduction. The social business concept goes far beyond accomplishing personal or investor goals. It is focused on the human being and seeks to achieve one or more social objectives through a company.
Date: October 1st, 2013
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
This is a 60-minute interactive presentation.
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Benefits of attending this webinar

  • Understand the Social Business model and its benefits to society;
  • Learn about the initiatives of ENS Global School of Social Business in Chile and Bolivia.

Presentation Overview

This presentation will cover the following topics:

Introduction of the speaker, objectives and session outline.

Defining Social Business
Thinking differently about doing business today.  
Developing Social BusinessPolitical systems must not forget that capitalism and economics can work together for societal good.
ENS Global – School of Social Business
Social Business programs and initiatives: 35 universities around the world would like to replicate the model.


Dr. Bernardo Javalquinto
Co-Chairman, ENS Global School of Social Business
Ph.D. in Political Economy, SMC University, Switzerland, BSc in Economics, University of Maryland, USA
Dr. Bernardo Javalquinto, economist and advocate for the eradication of poverty, for raising awareness of caring for the planet and the environment, as well as for social and economic development in rural areas of Chile. He is a full member of the Chilean Human Rights Commission.
 Dr. Javalquinto has been recognized by the Honourable Senate of Argentina on two occasions (2008-2011) as the “Leader for Rural Economic Development" for his contribution to the integration of economic development of Latin America.
Dr. Javalquinto carried out his university studies at the University of Tennessee, George Washington University, Montgomery College and School of Protocol, graduated as an economist from the University of Maryland. He worked at the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Chilean Embassy in Washington, DC, and in 1997 he moved to Chile where he completed his MBA “Cum Laude” and decided to stay in Chile to bring his expertise to the integration, economic and social development of Latin American countries. He completed his Ph.D. in Political Economy at the SMC University in Switzerland.
Dr. Javalquinto is working at the “Centre for Latin American Research & Development” (CIDTEL) - one of his greatest achievements. CIDTEL is a Technological Park foundation and Social Business School, dedicated to the creation of knowledge and human perfection, via research, development, innovation, entrepreneurship, which is based on the social business model by Nobel Peace Prize winner - Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh. Dr. Javalquinto serves as economic and financial advisor to foreign investors through his company - JMLC International Consulting.
He published at the OECD, University of ViƱa del Mar, and is a columnist for several newspapers. Dr. Javalquinto is currently working on his books: "The Business Model of Chile" and "The Myth of the Chicago Boys and structural adjustment loans from the World Bank in Chile".
He can be contacted at: